This compilation of proceedings would not be possible without the enthusiastic support and involvement of the following people, all of whom donated their time for the most part.

Dr Jacques Boulet, World Congress Convener and Working Group
Mish Colla, Organising Committee and Working Group (Design and Promotion)
Meg Rodaughan, Organising Committee and Working Group (Administration and Liaison)
Ensieh Anjedani, Organising Committee and Working Group (Administration and Liaison)
Margaret O’Connell, ALARA Publications Coordinator and Management Committee
Rebecca Browne, Graphic and Web Designer
Gwenyth Beale, Program Co-Design
Dr Rob Nabben, Organising Committee
Dr John Molineux, Organising Committee and ALARA Management Committee
Russell Hocking, Organising Committee
Yoland Wadsworth, Organising Committee
Dr Susan Goff, ALARA President and Management Committee
Ross Colliver, ALARA Website Manager and Management Committee

Proposal Reviewers

Dr Jennifer Borrell, Kildonan Uniting Care, Victoria Dr Jacques Boulet, Borderlands Cooperative and oases Graduate School, Victoria Dr Bill Genat, University of Melbourne, Victoria Dr Jeannette Kavanagh, Educational Consultant, Victoria Dr June Lennie, Queensland University of Technology Dr Rob Nabben, Deakin University, Melbourne Ms Margaret O’Connell, Canberra Institute of Technology Dr Robert Sanders, Appalachian State University, USA Dr Jill Sanguinetti, Victoria University, Melbourne Dr Shankar Sankaran, University of Technology, Sydney


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